Venetoclax-Rituximab Combination Therapy in Relapsed/Refractory CLL. Update data from MURANO study

Best Practice Nordic | Joulu 2018 | ASH 2018 |

In this MEDtalk John F. Seymour present the key data from MURANO study. Venetoclax (Ven) is a highly selective oral inhibitor of BCL2, a key regulator of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway, which is constitutively overexpressed in CLL. Efficacy and safety of VenR given for a fixed duration in R/R CLL was evaluated in the randomized Phase III MURANO study compared with standard bendamustine + rituximab (BR). With all patients off treatment and 3 years’ median follow-up, continued substantial benefit was observed with VenR, with PFS and OS superior to BR. There were no new safety signals; most pts were able to complete treatment. The rate of CLL progression in the first 12 mo after Ven completion was modest (13%), supporting the feasibility and safety of a time-limited VenR duration.